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Standard Compliance Practices at Majumder Group

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Worker Safety

No compromise with work place and worker safety. Accord Accreditation for Fire, Structural and Electrical standards. 

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Fire Safety

Top of the line fire fighting and prevention equipment. 24 hour UL certified fire suppression equipment. 

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Medical Facilities

Full time medical personal available to help and treat at the workplace. The best medical facilities available to treat accidents and injuries. Regular medical and safety programs to raise awareness.


Worker Rights and Regulations

Adherence to social welfare and safety practices aimed to develop the best workplace environment possible. 

Child Care 1.jpg

Child Care Room

Day-care services for children of employees. Dedicated care takers and clean facilities available on site. 


Dining Room

Large, clean and open space available on site for lunch, seminars and meetings. Provides a neat and clean environment for the employees. 

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